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About Jazz

Stop looking for a goal and BE THE GOAL!! 

- Jazz

I'm a firm believer in the fact that everyone has a footprint to leave on this earth. My journey started in college; playing collegiate basketball at a Division I level helped me figure out early on that fitness was something I was very passionate about. Taking different opportunities to work for USA Basketball, collegiate and professional camps, and alongside my college strength coach I landed my first physical fitness occupation. From there I realized that I wanted to deliver my gifts through the health and fitness field. My mission is to help others understand THEIR unique health needs and realize that fitness is a beautiful journey with ups and downs that it is a lifestyle not a quick fix. Ultimately what matters most is how YOU feel about your body!

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Our Mission

What do we offer here? 

Here at Gordons Fitness we strive to educate our clients while helping them achieve their fitness goals. We specialize in nutrition, strength training, and sports performance! Contact us today for your needs!!

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